How to get rid of fungus in its most common hiding places?

Fungus lurks everywhere.

Below are some helpful tips to get rid of fungus in its most common hiding places:

  1. Wash all of your socks, bath mats, and slippers in bleach with your laundry machine’s high heat cycle.
    Recent studies show that washing your socks in a normal cycle still leaves active fungal strains alive- allowing them to spread infection in up to 36% of the socks!

2. Use CleanSweep or SteriShoe regularly in footwear.

Toss any old, non-machine washable slippers slippers as they are likely harboring fungal pathogens that will likely re-infect you.

3. Never share socks, shoes or slippers with other people.

4. Even after your infection has cleared, use a topical antifungal, such as Formula 3, one to two times a week and check your nails regularly.

A nail once infected is at high risk for re-infection without preventative measures. Schedule a check-up at any sign of re-infection so treatment can be initiated promptly.

5. It is important to always complete your entire treatment program.

It will likely take a full year or more to see results.

6. Have nail clipping testing done to ensure no active fungus is left after completing your treatment.

It is possible for fungal infections to permanently damage the nail, in some cases leaving it with a thickened appearance despite no other visible signs of infection.

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