Alcohol sclerosing injections are a conservative therapy to treat neuritis and painful nerve conditions. The most common use for these injections is neuromas.

Alcohol sclerosing injections, also known as chemical neurolysis, are made up of a dilute solution (4%) of ethyl alcohol. A very valuable  treatment  option, which  has proven time and time again to provide a high rate of success,  is alcohol sclerosing injections. Treatment consists of a series of six injections, each one two weeks apart, when your foot specialist injects a very small amount of a specialized alcohol, called  dehydrated alcohol, into the area where the Morton’s neuroma is located. It can take anywhere from 3-7 injections for 100% relief to be obtained. Aside from being very effective in significantly improving or eliminating your symptoms , other major advantages of alcohol sclerosing injections  include quick recovery, no down time, and very importantly, the ability to avoid surgery. This procedure has fewer potential complications than surgical removal, and has a reported success rate up to 89%*.