Are you suffering from Ingrown for involuted Toenails?

Why do Ingrown ToeNails occur?

Ingrown toenails occur when an edge of the nail penetrates into the surrounding skin. All the beginning the pain may only be minor and cause little discomfort but as the nail continues to grow it may grow deeper, causing inflammation and swelling in the surrounding tissue resulting in pain and even infection.


Reasons that ingrown toenail may occur

  • Genetic – Natural involuted nail shape which makes you extremely prone to ingrown toenails.
  • Footwear – Shoes that are too tight or too narrow can put increased pressure around your toes.
  • Trauma – Stubbing or dropping something on your toes can charge your nail shape or break off your nail leaving a piece behind to grow in.
  • Nail care – When cut your nails too short or pick/peel your nail, this can leave behind little spicules that love to grow into the skin.

Seeing Your Foot Specialist on a regular basis is often times enough to eliminate the ingrown toenail.


How to fix them?


Nail Braces can correct highly curved painful ingrown toenails. It’s a stainless steel wire that fits cover the nail and gradually and painlessly lifts the curves nail into correct alignment. It is not painful and not invasive. The correction requires the brace to be regularly adjusted, and thus the patient needs to return once a month. The whole treatment process takes about 1 to 2 years since it requires an entire nail to pass an entire growth cycle, root to tip.


Recommended for :

Ingrown nails

Deformed nails

Involuted, curled nails

Cosmetic corrections

An alternative to toenail surgery


Benefits at a glance :

Fast relief and long term pain reduction

Pain free application of brace

No local anaesthetic required

No interference of  daily life

How does it work?

The brace exerts a tension force across the nail plate that acts to lift and flatten the affected nail.

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