What is DOC (Digital Orthosis Compound) Splint?

DOC (Digital Orthosis Compound) is a moldable silicone compound that allows the quick fabrication of all types of unique pressure relief appliances. DOC can be used to help with alignment and offloading, straightening and cushioning of the toes. 

DOC can be used in variety of conditions 

  • Custom Bunion Splint

    • Can be used to prevent toes from overlapping or under riding 
    • Can be used to help straightening and prevent further progression of bunion 
    • Alternation to rigid bunion aligner
  • Interdigital corns

    • Reduce pressure form rubbing toes, especially when wearing tight shoes
  • Painful calluses/corns on tops of toes 

    • Can be used as a toe prop to lift up the toes and prevent ant ground contact
  • Painful calluses/corns on sides of toes

    • Used as a shield on the sides of both toes to prevent rubbing
  • Hammer or clawed toes

    • Can be used to maintain position and prevent further progression of hammer/clawed toes

The custom made orthosis uses a moldable material that hardens in minutes and gives you a softer alternative to rigid toe braces/toe splints. It is helpful for individuals who do not respond to orthotics alone. 

Benefits of using DOC 

  • Material can be washed with soap and water 
  • Can be worn while wearing shoes and socks 

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