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Why Us?

We use the newest technology in podiatric medicine, and provide a wide range of services. Our practitioner personally oversees all procedures and assessments for our patients to ensure quality and satisfaction in your treatments. We will work with you to create a treatment plan so the medical care you receive is not only effective, but also within your budget.

Should I make an appointment before visiting EC Orthotics?

It is best to book an appointment; therefore, our Chiropodist can give you their undivided attention. Should you wish to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to call us at 416-363-0409 or email us at info@ec-orthotics.com

After wearing my orthotics, my legs, hips and lower back were sore. Is this normal?

Some people develop discomfort in the foot, leg, hips, or lower back when they first start to wear orthotics. This is normal and is due to a realignment of the whole lower extremity and pelvis. Muscles and ligaments have to readjust to this new alignment. These discomforts are merely an indication that your orthotics are working and they will usually disappear with time.

What are the break-in instructions for a new orthotic?

It is always advisable to gradually “break in” the new orthotics by wearing them for about an hour at first, then increasing by an hour each day until you can wear them all day. Once you are up to 10 hours, you should wear them all the time. You can expect the orthotics to feel strange or unusual – that is OK.

Typically it can take 3 to 4 weeks to become comfortable with your new orthotics. Do not worry if it takes a bit longer – 6 to 7 weeks is not unusual.

Are Chiropody services covered by OHIP? What if I am not insured?

Unfortunately, Chiropody services are not covered by OHIP. However, it is usually covered by most extended insurance plans. Check your coverage booklet or bring it in during your appointment if you have any questions.

Even if you are not insured, you can still make an appointment to be seen in our clinic. A referral is not necessary to be seen by our Chiropodist and we will endeavor to write back to your family doctor after any initial consultations.

Will Orthotics correct my foot problem(s)?

As simple as it looks, orthotics are the most advanced and effective external prescription available for general foot pain. They do not merely serve as arch supports but also control the way your feet function. In addition, orthotics act on bone structure, forcing the feet and legs into their proper alignment.

Orthotics will not change the underlying structure of the adult foot, but may prevent the development of pain and disability such as back and neck pain, and the development of additional deformities such as flat feet, bunion, corns and calluses. However, if they are not worn, abnormal function will immediately return and this is the main reason why orthotics need to be replaced.

Do I need a referral to visit EC Orthotics?

No referral is necessary as our chiropodist is trained and licensed to provide all prescriptions and dispense all medical equipment related to the foot and ankle.

What are your hours and where are you located?

Our clinic is open Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm and Saturday from 12pm – 5pm (appointment only).

What can I do if my orthotics do not fit my shoes?

If your orthotic is longer than your shoe, you can simply trim it down to fit your shoes. Depending on the thickness of the orthotics and the style of your shoes, you may have to increase your shoe size.

What can I do if my heels are slipping out while wearing the orthotic?

If your heel slips out while wearing the orthotics, try a shoe with a lower heel and a deeper heel seat. If the orthotic slips forward, use a piece of foam or sponge rubber under the device to hold the orthotic in place.

My orthotics squeak. What can I do?

If your orthotics squeaks, try sprinkling a small amount of powder in your shoes. This usually eliminates the problem.

Do you accept direct billings for Indian Affair?

Yes. EC Orthotics is a preferred provider for NIHB (Non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit-Indian Affairs). We offer direct billing for Indian Affairs. We can submit papers on our clients’ behalf. The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides eligible First Nations and Inuit clients with coverage for a range of health benefits that are not covered through other: social programs. private insurance plans. provincial or territorial health insurance, such as orthotics, compression socks, braces, splints etc. If you are a member of Indian affairs and require those medical items, please contact us at 416-363-0409 or email us at info@ec-orthotics.com to book an appointment.