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    Athlete's Foot

    What is Athlete’s Foot? Athlete’s foot is a common condition referring to a fungal organism infecting the skin of the foot, medically named Tinea Pedis.  Fungus infections are common on the feet because fungus thrive on the body in warm,...

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    Summer Nail Care - Veralac Nail Lacquer
    Summer Nail Care - Veralac Nail Lacquer

    Dear Valued Customer, During the summer months, we can be especially rough on our feet and sometimes forget to take care of our toenails. Veralac is a nail lacquer specially developed to improve the appearance of damaged nails. Nails can be affected by...

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    Running Clinic

    Dear Valued Customer, Now that the weather is warming up, many of us are dusting off our sneakers and spending more time running outdoors. Some of us are running for exercise, and others take up this sport to train for...

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