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    Infracare Ultra-thin Day time Bunion Aligner

    Dear Valued Customer,An orthotic does not directly work on the hallux (big toe). The ultra thin Infracare bunion aligner encircles the hallux, holding it tight and exerts a 10-degree adduction. Like an orthotic, Infracare ultra thin day time bunion aligner...

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    K-Laser Therapy for Ankle Sprains

    Dear Valued Customer,"Half of all ankle sprains occur during athletic activity" according to Waterman, Owens et al. in Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery Am, 2010 Oct 06.In addition, the article states "Ankle sprain is the most common injury in...

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    Simcan Tender Top Diabetic Socks

    Dear Valued Customer,If you have diabetes, wearing the right socks can keep your legs and feet healthy providing a better quality of life. SimcanTender Top Diabetic Socks have many benefits including:  A seamless comfort and non-binding fit for all occasions....

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