Putting on Compression Stockings

Step 1: Wear compression stockings first thing in the morning. 

Step 2: Put your hand into the stocking and grab the toe.

Step 3: Pull the top of the stocking down around your arm

Step 4: Sit on a chair or side of the bed

Step 5: Wear latex or rubber gloves

Step 6: Put your toes into the sock

Step 7: Bring the sock over your heel. 

Step 8: Slide the stocking up your leg.

Step 9: Adjust the sock as you draw it upward.

Step 10: Repeat for the other leg

Step 11: Wear compression stockings every day

Step 12: Take off compression stockings at night.

Step 13: Pull down the top of the sock

Step 14: Wash your compression stockings after every use

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