Foot Mobilization Therapy


At EC Orthotics, we are always at the forefront of new podiatric medicine techniques and innovations. This is what sets us apart from other foot clinics in Toronto. One of our newest treatment options is called Foot mobilization therapy, a gentle manual therapy for the treatment of foot, ankle, knee, and low back pain.


Chronic pain is often associated with joint alignment issues and weakness in the surrounding muscles. Foot mobilization therapy works by returning your joints to a more proper alignment and strengthening the muscles of the foot. By doing this, the stress on the surrounding soft tissue structures is reduced and the foot pain is relieved.


Relief of foot pain and other symptoms using foot mobilization therapy can often be achieved without the use of medications, braces, or more serious interventions, such as surgery. Please keep in mind that this treatment method is not the same as manipulations and does not involve any forceful cracking of the bones or joints.


Foot mobilization therapy can also be a great adjunctive therapy to custom foot orthotics. Through releasing pre-existing soft tissue restrictions, your foot will be perfectly prepared to accommodate your new orthotic.

To learn more about this technique, please book an appointment with one of our foot specialists or chiropodists.