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    UFO Orthotics

    At EC Orthotics, we have a proprietary direct milled, Unitized Functional Orthotic (UFO) that combines function, versatility and comfort. It is superior to other types of orthotics because of the following reasons:

    1) Accuracy. Our lab uses a Hass milling machine which is the same milling machines that makes Boeing Aircraft Parts. There is nothing more accurate than this. Other labs may try and copy our direct milled product but if it has not satisfied your needs, it is likely the milling machine was designed to build furniture.

    2) Low Bulk. Most popular with women because bulky orthotics are the main reason for non-compliance, especially in women's lower profile footwear. However, this product can be custom made for both men and women. 

    3) Durability. Nothing lasts longer- period. The shell of this orthotic has a lifetime guarantee against breakage and the fact that there is no topcover negates any problems with wear and tear unlike other conventional orthotics

    4) Aesthetics. While simple in its appearance, the UFO orthotic has the look of a high-tech orthotic made with 1 shell grinded to perfection, and beveled angles to maximize comfort. Its ergonomic design, combined with its smooth, polished look, makes it stand out compared to standard orthotics. After all, placing layers of accommodations and extensions not only reduces the biomechanical functionality of an orthotic, it increases the chances of future problems with the therapeutic effectiveness of the device.

    If you are in the market for a simple sleek orthotic design and a high tech aircraft manufacturing production process, we have a product that is thin, effective and durable. Most importantly, when choosing a custom made orthotic, they are truly custom made so we can make them any style, shape or colour but our UFO orthotics stand out from the competition. Please book an appointment with us for more details.

    Brought to you by EC Orthotics (Toronto, ON) and Paragon Orthotic Laboratory (Victoria, BC)


    NEW Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

    Since introducing our laser fungal nail machine in 2012, we have had fantastic results in as little as one treatment with over 90% efficacy rates. Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an unsightly condition that causes nails to become yellow/white or black, odorous and thick. The nail is often brittle and crumbly, and separate from the underlying skin. It is contagious and may come from athlete's feet that affects the skin, and thrives in hot, moist environments like your shoes. You can often catch this infection from public showers, gyms, nail spas, swimming pools, or simply trauma to the nail.


    In the past, it has been extremely difficult to treat conservatively as it is difficult for topical antifungal agents to penetrate a thick nail, patient compliance is usually lacking as these medications need to be applied daily, and there are different antifungal medications for different fungal spores. Oral medications yield better results but again compliance is a key factor, and there are major side effects to these medications. However, with our laser fungal nail machine, we do all the work, and treatments are separated by 6-8 weeks which makes it easier for patients to fit in their busy schedules. Furthermore, clinical studies have reported no adverse side effects from using our laser machine, and the majority of patients will experience improvement.


    During each and every appointment, we will drill and clean up your nails for treatment as the thinner your nail is, the easier it is for the laser to penetrate the nail bed. We will then apply the pain-free laser to your affected toenails which passes through the nail and is absorbed by pigment in the fungi. Once the pigment heats up, this heat kills or damages the fungus resulting in your nail growing normally. Once your first session is completed, you will be discharged with some home medications such as antifungal creams or oils should you wish to use them to further increase the chances of improvement for your fungal nail condition. We also highly recommend our Sterishoe device that uses UV light technology to destroy up to 99.9% of the microorganisms in shoes, including the bacteria and fungi that cause toenail fungus, athlete's feet and foot odour.


    We typically recommend 3 treatments to allow the new nail to grow normally, but more may be needed depending on the severity of your condition. As with all other nail fungus treatments, the old nail cannot be remedied but it is the new nail that we want growing back thin, healthy and pink. Typically, it can take 6-12 months for an entirely healthy nail to appear as nails do grow slowly but most patients will see improvement just after 1 visit. Sometimes patients may feel their toenails getting warm during the laser session but this subsides quickly and patients can return to their normal activities right after treatment.


    The difference between us and others it that we have invested in the top of the line machine for nail fungus, with a company called based in San Francisco, that specializes in developing and manufacturing laser and light based medical devices used by many physicians in cosmetic procedures. This laser machine is also effective in treating scars, warts, neuromas and spider veins. Furthermore, our Chiropodist takes the time in prepping your nail by drilling, cutting back, and clearing the sulci, for treatment. We also only treat the affected nails and charge you accordingly, whereby other clinics will encourage you to treat your entire foot. We are committed to improving your nail fungus and have experience with even the most difficult of nails. Our laser machine features different settings and protocols we use and adjust for each unique patient, depending on the outcomes of prior treatments. As such, we have proven results that have led to many satisfied customers.


    Book your appointment today with our Chiropodist and get ready to show off your feet!

    Why Us?

    Our motto is to "treat & teach". We believe it is equally important for us to get your feet healthy as it is to help you understand your feet so that you can take care of them properly. We emphasize to our patients that foot care should not end with the treatments in our clinic; they should treat it as an ongoing maintenance plan throughout their lifetime. As with any vital organ in our bodies, our feet may change with age and lifestyle, and understanding the evidence-based approach we use to address your concerns will make you a more informed patient. Of course, we will endeavor to write back to your family doctor regarding your consultation visit so that they are also made aware of any podiatric medical conditions.

    We use the most modern equipment and science to treat all your podiatric related concerns. As well, our products are top notch so you can be sure you are getting the best quality in the market. Our practitioners are skilled in the art of podiatric medicine and constantly update their skills by attending various podiatric medical conferences throughout the world. Most importantly, we will strive for your utmost satisfaction as we pride ourselves as being downtown Toronto's only Chiropody clinic specializing in just feet.