Infracare Ultra-thin Day time Bunion Aligner 

An Orthotic does not directly work on the Hallux. Infracare Bunion Aligner encircles the Hallux, holding it tight and exerts a 10 Degree adduction of the Hallux. Like an Orthotic, Infracare Ultra-thin Day time Bunion aligner lifts up the arch.

  • First Day time Bunion Aligner
  • Made of special material called POWER-NET
  • Works in 3 ways to relieve bunion pain and discomfort
  • Gently pulls the big toe towards its natural position
  • Can be used stand-alone with or without Orthotics
  • Kit comes with silicone gel toe separators
  • Fits comfortably into shoes
  • Is also helpful after Bunion surgery
  • Infracare Ultra-thin Day time Bunion aligner empowers you in Bunion pain management.